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disable/remove desktop/Android runtimes and supporting features


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This bug tracks removal of the desktop/Android runtimes and supporting features like the Toolkit WebappOSUtils module for native installation on the various platforms, the APK Factory service that produces APKs for Open Web Apps, and the navigator.mozApps API on desktop/Android.
Depends on: 1245190
Depends on: 1245199
Depends on: 1245203
Depends on: 1245204
Summary: disabling/removing desktop/Android runtimes → disable/remove desktop/Android runtimes and supporting features
Depends on: 1246072
Depends on: 1243434
Depends on: 1248825
Depends on: 1252519
Depends on: 1252635
Depends on: 1252670
Non-blocking followups include:

Bug 1250603 - update "WebappRT" comments or remove app restrictions on components
Bug 1252648 - remove obsolete MochitestServer.testPrefix property

Unsure how best to track those, as they don't block completion of this project.

Ongoing work without a bug reference includes:

* transation of the SUMO article about the removal of the desktop runtime <>;
* removal of the Desktop Runtime module <>, as I proposed in this mozilla-governance thread <!topic/mozilla.governance/5oaEoMQbCDk>.
I'm also following up with Emma Humphries about moving the Firefox::Webapp Runtime component to the Graveyard product.
Depends on: 1258456
No longer depends on: 1248825
Bug 1243434 appears to be done, even though it hasn't been resolved yet.  In any case, it doesn't really block the disabling and removal of the desktop and Android runtimes, given that we've already disabled and removed them.  So I'm going to resolve this tracking bug.  This project is completed!
Closed: 8 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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