crash in android.view.WindowManager$BadTokenException: Unable to add window android.view.ViewRootImpl$W@2039e60 -- permission denied for this window type at android.view.ViewRootImpl.setView(




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This bug was filed from the Socorro interface and is 
report bp-9f06e32a-2406-4c0a-ad1e-4dd042160203.

This crash is Marshmallow-specific, and only occurs if the "open multiple links from other apps" feature is enabled in the General Settings.

Fennec should be trapping this crash and prompting the user to enable "draw over other apps" for Fennec in the system preferences (and link to it?) or disable "open multiple links"
Steps to reproduce:

1. Install Fennec on a pre-Marshmallow device.
2. Set up a Firefox Account and enable it to sync Preferences.
3. Enable "open multiple links" in general preferences.
4. Install Fennec on a Marshmallow device.
5. Log into the same Firefox Account and let it sync.
6. Go to another app and tap a link that would open Fennec.

The prompt that happens when you initially enable the feature on Marshmallow needs to happen on incoming sync of preferences that include this setting as well, or prompt when it hits the above crash instead.
You can also reproduce this by having the setting enabled already on a pre-Marshmallow device then upgrading it to Marshmallow.
The last week or so I'm suddenly getting this crash again, and I still have that permission enabled. (and the window discussed above even draws first before it crashes).
report bp-3cf57a7f-0fb5-41b2-a658-30b532160130.
and then it doesn't seem to happen anymore in the next nightly I loaded after that... (at least the random one with the priv still enabled).
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