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Make a bunch of toolkit browser-chrome tests e10s compatible


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browser_bug471404.js had DOS line endings and an absolutely bizarre control flow. This is much better. The others were easier to convert (though I didn't bother using all of the new helpers).
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Make the satchel browser-chrome test e10s compatible.

The original version of this test appeared to have a bug: it asserted that there shouldn't be any FormHistory values at all (even in non-private mode), but that makes no sense. The code bore this out, I think, because it raced the database query with the insertion of the value in form history. In this version, I fixed the race so that in private mode, we're asserting that we never add to form history (according to the parent) in PB mode and that we do in non-PB mode. Let me know if I should go back to the old, racy, way (though someone would have to explain why that's preferable).
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Make browser_bug680727 e10s compatible.

Review of attachment 8715601 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: toolkit/components/places/tests/browser/browser_bug680727.js
@@ +22,5 @@
> +        resolve();
> +      });
> +    });
> +  });
> +}

I wonder if we should transform this into a helper like:

{ContentTask|BrowserTestUtils}.waitOnContentEvent(browser, "DOMContentLoaded")
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Here's an interdiff.
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The re-enabled tests in browser/../social now pass (see also bug 1150147, comment 4).
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I tried to uplift these to aurora to get e10s greened up, but hit conflicts. Could we get rebased patches if these would be useful on aurora?
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