Unexpected error displayed for a second when signing into FxA



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Affected versions: 45 beta 3 (Build ID: 20160204142810), latest Aurora 46.0a2 and Nightly 47.0a1 (from 2016-02-04)
Affected platforms: Windows 7 x64, Mac OS X 10.8, Ubuntu 12.04 x86, Windows 10 x86

Steps to reproduce:
Prequisite: Existing Firefox account.
1. Launch Firefox with a clean profile
2. Click on one of the available Sync buttons (e.g. about:home, about:preferences#sync, menu panel, Tools).
3. Sign in with an existing account.	

Expected result: No errors displayed when signing in.

Actual result: An Unexpected error prompt is displayed for a second before the user is signed in.

Additional notes:
1. NOTE: on Windows 7 x64 this issue is reproducible only with 64-bit builds.
2. Screenshot attached.
3. Browser console output: 'Unexpected error' thrown by 1993ee03.main.js:18:24598
4. Regression range:
Last good Nightly: 2015-11-26
First bad Nightly: 2015-11-25
Pushlog: https://hg.mozilla.org/integration/fx-team/pushloghtml?fromchange=31cf031ca23e4927db55f9e5469ac3e4c6599a35&tochange=80cc747d4e5e64f9e37e2eba98be52fcc772ad19

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2 years ago
[Tracking Requested - why for this release]:
Regression in 45, in a feature (FxA) that we really do not want to look bad.
tracking-firefox45: --- → ?
The most obvious suspect in the linked pushlog is: "Bug 1218022 - switch to fx_desktop_v2 context for Firefox Accounts."

I was able to reproduce on my Mac using current DevEdition.
> I was able to reproduce on my Mac using current DevEdition.

And I can do so by signing out and singing back in rather than having to start from a fresh profile.
Possible related to and/or fixed by the changes to fxa_desktop_v2 here?
Yes, looks like a dupe of https://github.com/mozilla/fxa-content-server/issues/3353 which should be fixed with next FxA server deployment.
Ryan, do you confirm that it is fixed?
Tracking to make sure we address the issue if it is not actually fixed.
tracking-firefox45: ? → +
Flags: needinfo?(rfkelly)
The fix is not in production yet, but should go live this week; leaving ni? myself to confirm when it's deployed
The fix for this is now live, so closing this out, please re-open if the error still occurs.
Last Resolved: 2 years ago
Flags: needinfo?(rfkelly)
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Server side, updating the status flags accordingly.
status-firefox45: affected → fixed
status-firefox46: affected → fixed
status-firefox47: affected → fixed
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