[sixgill] Handle throw and nothrow expressions




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3 years ago
At least with gcc 4.9.3, sixgill can't even survive the configure process because it compiles headers that include __nothrow and inline header code with throw statements.

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3 years ago
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"Handle" throw()

This is a cheap hack to make the analysis do something vaguely sane rather than bomb out. It ignores __nothrow and treats throw as a (void) statement. It's enough to keep the analysis from throwing out a ton of functions, including several from gcc header files.

This is mostly helpful in my attempt to reduce the number of functions that are discarded during analysis, since I have discovered some important ones are getting missed. (Nothing that would produce false negatives for rooting analysis, AFAIK.)

It might be slightly better to treat it as a 'return', so that the analysis knows that anything after it is unreachable, but it simply doesn't matter for my purposes.
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