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micro-optimize the common case of String{Begins,End}With


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StringBeginsWith (resp. StringEndsWith) takes a defaulted
nsStringComparator object for doing comparisons.  The flexibility this
affords is great, but the cost is not: nsStringComparator has virtual
methods, so initializing that defaulted object (at every callsite)
requires a temporary object whose vtable must be initialized.

Since the overwhemingly common case is to use the default comparator
anyway, we should not use defaulted arguments and instead provide the
default comparator/user-provided comparator cases as separate overloads.
This change eliminates the virtual call for the majority of callsites
and reduces codesize as well.
I don't particularly like duplicating all of this, but these functions should
probably be methods on nsTSubstring anyway, and there's already some precedent
for the copied code, so...meh?

Eric said he'd like to do some more XPCOM reviewing, maybe he has clever ideas
for addressing this.  Measurements on x86-64 Linux indicate libxul's text
section is ~5K smaller from this change.
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micro-optimize the common case of String{Begins,End}With

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I agree the duplication is a shame, but it follows the standard set in Substring as well. Personally I find the duplication of nsAString and nsACString variants more egregious, but there's not much we can do about that.
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