allow reviewers to suggest direct code changes that patch authors can click to accept



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2 years ago
This is just an idea, not pressing need, but I think it would save a lot of developer time:

What if, when a reviewer wants to request a relatively trivial local change, instead of describing that change in prose, posting, the patch author reading that change, applying it, and histediting it into the original patch, the reviewer could instead select a region of text, click "suggest edit", make the edit, and MozReview would automatically generate the diff and include it as an issue in the review.  Then, within MozReview, the patch author could simply click a button to "apply suggested edit".  When this happened, the associated patch would be histedited into the underlying patch and the new cset would be available for anyone to land or pull.

One reason I think this would save a lot of time is that the vast majority of r+ reviews I perform, receive and see have at least one minor tweak suggested.  These aren't all just trivial nits that eventually a style linter would obviate but, rather, tweaks that are more subjective and you wouldn't want to try to include in a linter.  With this feature, I feel like a much greater % of r+ reviews to be directly autolanded from reviewboard.

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2 years ago
Having a code review tool that behaves more like a collaborative code editor is a property of my utopian code review tool. As you said, it takes more time for a review to type a comment to change something than to actually just change it.

Unfortunately, this feature isn't trivial to implement, so don't hold your breath.

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2 years ago
Ah, glad to see it's in the vision!  Totally understand it's no small task.  Feel free to dup or close this bug if it won't be useful to track anything; I was just filing on recommendation from irc.


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