New review may be confused with a previous one and not requesting review.



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3 years ago
This one is a bit hard to properly explain so I give an example:

I pushed a review (5 at first to be exact). One review P2 had a commit-id CXqGoq9Opq0

I pushed several updated revisions of the code, all with the same commit-id.

I then rewrote the entire stack, moved it to 4 commits instead. And P2 became P3.
As I wanted to have a complete new review for that one, I changed the commit-id and requested a review for it.

Yet, mozreview carried the r+ from earlier on.
to test, I re-modified the commit-id and push again.

Yet mozreview shows the same review as having 6 different revisions.

It shouldn't. It should have treated this review as an entirely new one and re-requested review to the intended person.
I /think/ part of the problem here is we recycled an old review request that had a different MozReview-Commit-ID. We should almost certainly not recycle a review request if it has a different MozReview-Commit-ID because if the IDs are different, that means the commit logically changed and a new review request should be created.
Blocks: 1243483
Product: Developer Services → MozReview
Component: General → Review Board: Extension

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6 months ago
MozReview is now obsolete. Please use Phabricator instead. Closing this bug.
Last Resolved: 6 months ago
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