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tab.move to index zero doesn't work with pinned tabs


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* create a pinned tab
* call chrome.tabs.move([], {index: 0});

* tab moves to the first tab after the pinned tabs

* tab does not move
This is actually the expected behavior. Not the documented behavior, granted, but it's what Chrome does.
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It seems like the behavior of move is that pinned and unpinned tabs are treated as distinct groups, and you can't move tabs from one group to another. So you:

* can't move an unpinned tab before any pinned tabs

* can't move a pinned tab after any unpinned tabs

If you try, you get a silent failure (nothing happens). Is that your understanding?

This behavior makes the example add-on tabs-tabs-tabs appear broken when any tabs are pinned, and I think maybe we should fix it. I've made a PR which seems to fix it: if you think it is a good idea to fix this, would you mind taking a look?
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Thanks for reviewing the example update.
I've had a go at the docs:

Weirdest thing I found: it looks like in Chrome, if you try to move a tab and it fails (for example, because you tried to move an unpinned tab to before a pinned tab), then Chrome will still pass the tab into the callback, with the index that it would have been given, if the move had not failed.
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That... makes no sense...

The docs look good, though.
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(In reply to Kris Maglione [:kmag] from comment #5)
> That... makes no sense...
> The docs look good, though.

Hm, it might make sense if Chrome's implementation had a bug, and the behavior they intended was "first non-pinned-index", as the event handling would suggest.

I've opened bug 1388276 for any "index passed to move() is lower than index of the last pinned tab":
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