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Implement errorOccurred in the webNavigation.getFrame/getAllFrames frame details


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The frame details that can be retrieved using the recently landed |webNavigation.getFrame/getAllFrames| should support an errorOccurred boolean field, from

    boolean 	errorOccurred 	

    True if the last navigation in this frame was interrupted by an error, 
    i.e. the onErrorOccurred event fired.
In the initial prototype of |webNavigation.getFrame/getAllFrames|, |errorOccurred| was retrieved through the usage of the following constants:

    // NOTE: Compute the Error Page loadType value. (See Bug 1190685 for rationale)
    // - LOAD_CMD_NORMAL (as defined in "docshell/base/nsIDocShell.idl"):
    // - LOAD_FLAGS_ERROR_PAGE (as defined in "docshell/base/nsDocShellLoadTypes.h")
    // - MAKE_LOAD_TYPE (as defined in "docshell/base/nsDocShellLoadTypes.h")
    // - LOAD_ERROR_PAGE (as defined in "docshell/base/nsDocShellLoadTypes.h")
    const LOAD_FLAGS_ERROR_PAGE = 0x1;
    const MAKE_LOAD_TYPE = (type, flags) => (type | (flags << 16));

    let errorOccurred = (docShell.loadType == LOAD_ERROR_PAGE);

Unfortunately the LOAD_ERROR_PAGE constant is defined in "docshell/base/nsDocShellLoadTypes.h" and it is not exported in any of the idl files.

If exporting LOAD_ERROR_PAGE constant in the |nsIDocShell.idl| file is not an option, another strategy to build the knowledge needed to being able to populate |errorOccurred| in the frame details is keeping track of the docShells where we are already detecting and sending the |onErrorOccurred| webNavigation event in a WeakMap.

Unfortunately this strategy will work only for docShells where the error occurred after the first addon with the webNavigation permission and a subscribed webNavigation event (because it will enable the WebProgressListener in the webNavigation frame script which will keep track/untrack of the errorOccurred docShells).
Whiteboard: [webNavigation]
Luca - please move higher if this is a high priority - but looked like a P3, can wait until post 48
Priority: -- → P3
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Whiteboard: [webNavigation] triaged → [webNavigation][berlin] triaged
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