Create signup form testing tool within Basket UI



2 years ago
2 years ago


(Reporter: Ben Niolet, Unassigned)





2 years ago
This is a bug to get this project into the backlog / pipeline for improvements to Basket. 

Currently as an email marketing manager at Mozilla, I can set up my newsletters in basket and test whether they are set up correctly using a cURL command in Terminal on a Mac. 

This is helpful because we are often asked to set up a newsletter before there is a form live on a demo or staging server anywhere. 

While the cURL command works great on Mac, it is not a viable option for users of Windows products. The ask would be to add a form or similar testing tool in basket that would allow a email manager to send a test email address through Basket to SFMC whether or not a form is live. 

From pmac: 

>>would probably be nice if basket included a testing subscribe form and it would have a dropdown of newsletters, all the options, etc.<<
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