With multiple jobs selected, Retrigger Job should ask if only a single job or all selected jobs should be retriggered



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I had a bunch of infra failures on one of my try pushes. I ctrl+clicked all of the failures and I wanted to retrigger them. I clicked the Retrigger Job button (the one with the circular arrow), but it only retriggered the first job I had selected.

It turns out that if I clicked on the dropdown arrow attached to the Save button, there is a Retrigger All feature. We should update the Retrigger Job button to ask if "Retrigger All" was desired when there are multiple jobs selected.
In case it helps, there is a shortcut 'r' to retrigger the selected job, so you can just blast through the failures, 'n','r','n','r', etc. The full shortcut list is available onscreen via '?' or in the help.

Just to note here, to improve workflow we may be landing https://github.com/mozilla/treeherder/pull/1960 which would split out the Backfill menu into a separate btn and do away with the Retrigger dropdown menus off its current fa-arrow-down btn.

For context in this bug, the job info navbar which contains the log icon, raw log, pin, retrigger, etc, at least to date.. only operates and has context on the selected job. I believe 'Backfill' operates on non-selected jobs... which is a bit of an outlier.

Actions which tend to operate on all pinned jobs, are to date located in the pinboard dropdown menu. Clear all, Retrigger all.

With a retrigger btn doing 'all pinned', I wonder if there could be scenarios where the user intends to just retrigger their selected job, but not all the ones they may have pinned. If that assumption is bogus, then yes we could have any pinned job get retriggered. We'd probably could change the btn title tooltip to 'Retrigger all pinned jobs'.

Or, we could potentially split out that "Retrigger all' menu entry in the pinboard into a new/separate Pinboard btn, to make it more prominent. So the notion of the navbar operating on the selected job and the pinboard operating on pinned jobs, is preserved.

Personally I'm hesitant to add confirm/ask dialogues to the UI, we should just do the right UX thing at all times, if possible.
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Just confrming with :jaws to check he was aware of the keyboard shortcuts I describe in comment#1.
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Thanks for letting me know about the keyboard shortcuts! I didn't know before :)
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Cool. There may be no changes required to the UI, or action required on this bug, in that case.
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> Personally I'm hesitant to add confirm/ask dialogues to the UI, we should just do the right UX thing at 
> all times, if possible.

Actually, I think we should change the button text to "Retrigger Jobs" when multiple are selected and not present a confirmation dialog. Reopening because I do think this would be an improvement we can make.
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(In reply to Jared Wein [:jaws] (please needinfo? me) from comment #6)
> when multiple are selected

Noting here, we don't support multiple job selection. Ctrl/Cmd+click is the act of pinning.

As mentioned the left side info nav bar is dedicated to functions which operate on the selected job. If this is a real showstopper, we could potentially overload the right hand side info bar - where the "Pinboard ^" collapse/expand button is, and create a "Retrigger All" button/icon there. And either leave Retrigger All menu entry in the Pinboard split menu as a duplicate, or remove it.

Iirc part of the reason for placing it in the menu was a desire on the part of Sheriffs to not have it accidentally invoked.

With my possible change the user could Retrigger All pinned with one click, no menu navigation, whether or not their Pinboard was open. But it would still be associated conceptually with the Pinboard, which it should be.

I'm also of the mind to move my "pin counter" to the right side of the navbar also, as it kind of gives the impression that set of left side icons operate on what the counter shows, which it doesn't.

Checking some active users for opinions.
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I'm not an active user anymore.
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I'd prefer to leave the retrigger buttons where they are, personally. The buttons in the bottom are for a specific selected job, the menu on the right is for everything in the pinboard.

I'd be down for moving the pinboard counter, though. :)
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