nothing in the history of a review links to "Revision 1" of the diff



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If I look at:
there are "Review request changed" entries in the history that link to "Revision 2" and "Revision 3" of the diff, but there's no entry representing the creation of the request and linking to "Revision 1" of the diff.

This would be useful because I often end up on this page from Bugzilla, when looking at my previous review comments, and want to scroll up from those comments to get to the diff that I previously reviewed.  It's an odd quirk of the UI that if I scroll up and find no such "Review Request changed" entry, I instead need to scroll down, click a different revision, and then change the URL from ".../diff/2/" to ".../diff/1/".

There should just be an entry at the top for "Review request created" like the "Review request changed" entries, that links to Revision 1.
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I had the same comment a week or two ago.

You can get to the first revision by going to the diff page (of any diff) and setting the sliders under the commit description to "orig" and "1".  But I agree that a link would be very convenient.
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"(of any revision of the diff)" I mean.
I'd note that comment 1 in this bug suggests using the diff slider rather than the reviews view to examine history, whereas bug 1296135 comment 2 suggests the opposite.

It's hard to use MozReview to examine history if I have to jump between two views of history and remember which pieces are broken in which view.

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7 months ago
MozReview is now obsolete. Please use Phabricator instead. Closing this bug.
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