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Several string fixes in, both for mail and suite


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+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #1247905 +++

In bug 1257905 I noticed a tpyo in the English version of and Suyash found some more.

The easy ones have already been fixed in the original bug.

That leaves one or two changes for this bug:

>> +SINotYetValid=The certificate used to sign the message appears not to be valid yet. Make sure your computer's clock is set correctly.
> Can we re-phrase this to "...used to sign the message is not yet valid..."?

I'm not sure if this should be rephrased (appears not to be -> is). There might be other reasons as to why the certificate isn't valid yet.

> I can't see the entire file here, but there's this string EINoneLabel which should be "Message is not encrypted".

This strings should indeed be changed into "Message Is Not Encrypted", to use the same format as the other labels. In order to change this, the entity should be renamed to EINoneLabel2.

I don't know if the corresponding entity EINone should also be renamed to stay in sync, or not to not have localizers need to translate the string again when it hasn't changed.
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What about the other one?

The certificate used to sign the message appears not to be valid yet. Make sure your computer's clock is set correctly.

What is the error condition in the code? That the validity start date hasn't arrived yet? Then the certificate *is* not valid yet. Is SINotYetValid used at all, I can't see it in DXR?

Instead I saw something like:
certErrorNotYetValidNow=The certificate will not be valid until %1$S. The current time is %2$S.
It looks like SIExpired, SIRevoked, SINotYetValid, SIUnknownCA, SIExpiredCA, SIRevokedCA and SINotYetValidCA are "reserved for future use":

If your computer's clock is wrong, then the certificate actually can be valid, but appear to be not yet valid, just like the string says at the moment. If the certificate actually is not yet valid, there's not much sense to check your computer's clock. So I think the string is actually correct at the moment. But then again, either this string or SINotYetValidCA probably needs to change (even though they aren't used).
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String for one entity changed, entity ID changed, only reference changed. r+
We won't do uplifts for these.
I hope we are done with these minor/trivial changes now ;-)
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Bug 1249865 - Several string fixes in, both for mail and suite. r=jorgk
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Keywords: checkin-needed
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