Cookie wildcard handling non working anymore on Firefox for Mac OSX.




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Steps to reproduce:

Since the split of cookie exception according to their protocol (HTTP or HTTPS) in Firefox 42, we can't handle cookie exceptions with a wildcard anymore on the Mac OSX version.

For example, before v42, adding the exception "" allowed any cookie from regardless of the protocol, but also from all subdomains of it.

Since v42, we need to write the exceptions "" and "", which is fine to me as we should indeed differentiate protocols.
My problem is this doesn't allow all the subdomains from the namespace. The general rule "" is not allowed anymore.

There is now way to allow something that would look like :

For some big websites that have a incredible lot of subdomain with no real clear names (Google, Facebook...), we can't list all the subdomains.

Some functionalities of those websites doesn't work properly with only the main page allowed in the cookie exception list. This is for instance the case for the Facebook chat, that doesn't refresh if only "" is allowed.

Actual results:

Since Firefox 42 for Mac OSX, there is no way to allow all the subdomains of a website to write cookies. Only an exact specific web page.

The only way to do it is to allow cookies for all websites... Therefore the cookie managing tool is useless.

Expected results:

We should be able to handle the cookie exception the same way than v42. The more general it is, the more it allows cookies...

"google" would allow cookies from any protocol, any subdomains, and in ".com", ".fr", etc...

By level of specificity :

And "*" for wildcard.

The more you write in the rule, the more it restricts : writing a protocol aims this specific protocol, writing a subdomain aims only this subdomain.


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2 years ago
I reported a similar bug after the new permission manager (bug 1210379).
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Comment 3

2 years ago
This is also true on seamonkey on linux 2.40.

I really preferred the old Cookie Monster AddOn. It provided a toolbar icon. Sometime websites popup small windows with no menus. Then enabling cookies for this window is impossible, since it's domain is not accessible to the windows with menus.
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