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Clean up the path utility functions.


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We currently have a number of path utility functions in devtools/shared/path.js. However, the dirname function doesn't do what it name suggests: first, it creates a URL with the given path. Second, it creates a second URL with the path "." and the previous URL as the base URL. This step seems redundant, since the result is the same URI. Finally, it returns the spec property of the URL, which is a string representation of the entire URL. As far as I can tell, that makes dirname the identity function.

The joinURI function is implemented redundantly in TabSources.js as _normalize. This function does exactly the same thing, so we should be able to replace _normalize with a call to joinURI.

Finally, I'd like to keep the platform API surface that the debugger needs as small as possible, so having a dependency on the URL constructor just so we can join paths together is not something I'm happy with. Jan suggested that we might be able to use the functions in toolkit/components/osfile/modules/ospath_unix.jsm as a replacement.
> I'd like to keep the platform API surface that the debugger needs as small as possible

I don't know anything about this code, but: [raises glass]
Assignee: ejpbruel → jlaster
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The unit tests passed when i removed dirname, now we'll see if all of the integration tests pass as well.
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Patch looks good. Please remove _normalize as well, and I'll r+ it.

::: devtools/server/actors/utils/TabSources.js
@@ +792,5 @@
>     * Normalize multiple relative paths towards the base paths on the right.
>     */
>    _normalize: function (...aURLs) {
>      assert(aURLs.length > 1, "Should have more than 1 URL");
> +    return joinURI(aURLs.pop(), aURLs);

This is the right idea, but the logical next step would then be to remove _normalize altogether, no? ;-)

::: devtools/shared/path.js
@@ -8,5 @@
>  /*
> - * Returns the directory name of the path
> - */
> -exports.dirname = path => {

I seem to recall dirname had at least one consumer left somewhere. Please make sure that all the tests still pass with this change.
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forgot to r? you yesterday
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Looks good to me.
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