mailnews.localizedRe does not support Chinese reply indicator



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Steps to reproduce:

Receive e-mail titled "回复:Some Subject".
Click Reply — the new subject is "Re: 回复:Some Subject"
Add a number of combinations to mailnews.localizedRe (回复,回复:,回复:)
Click Reply — no change.

Actual results:

Thunderbird is not capable of recognising "回复:" as a localised form of "Re:"

Expected results:

Not sure … since mailnews.localizedRe does not use ":", Thunderbird takes this to be implicit, and it seems to not be equating a proportional ":" with a full-width ":", preventing mailnews.localizedRe from being configured for Chinese. My experience with China is too limited to be certain about how other Chinese/Chinese-localised mail clients and services handle "Re:"; when Chinese but was previously observed in 2008 in the Mozillazine forums, with traditional Chinese ("答复"), it seemed to be with a proportional colon!

This may be specific to — this is the first time that I've ever seen this, from two separate people in the same day! (Both addresses)
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