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Steps to reproduce (please see attached video):
1. Open Firefox with a new profile.
2. Navigate to a website and add it to bookmarks by clicking on the star button beside the URL bar.
3. Click on the star button.
4. Click on the down arrow from "Folder:".
5. Click on an option (for example: Bookmarks Toolbar).
6. Click on New Folder several times (don't take in consideration bug 1250445).

Expected result:
6. The last folder should be visible and the selection and the other folders are displayed inside the bookmarks panel.  
   The list of New Folder in New Folder should be scrollable (a new scrolbbar should be added at the bottom of the page).

Actual result:
6. The selection textfield and folders should not be displayed outside the bookmarks panel.
   There isn't any scrollbar to make the last folder visible.
Issue is reproducible on Windows 7, Windows 10, Ubuntu 15.04 and Mac OS 10.10.
Priority: -- → P3
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