Open Bug 1250626 Opened 5 years ago Updated 5 years ago

l10n repack script should accept a repo/revision to checkout, and an URL to which en-US build to use


(Release Engineering :: Applications: MozharnessCore, defect)

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(Reporter: catlee, Assigned: vjoshi)


(Depends on 1 open bug)


Currently the l10n script checks out gecko (e.g. mozilla-central), runs configure, then runs 'make wget-en-US' to download the nightly en-US build, unpacks the build, figures out which revision was used to produce it, then updates its gecko checkout, re-runs configure, and starts the repack process. (phew!)

We need to change this so that we instead pass which revision of gecko to use initially, as well as the URL to the en-US binary to use.

This will allow us to solve a few issues:
- currently we can't run these scripts on try because you can't clone the entire try repo, nor does fetching the latest try nightly build make sense
- running configure twice is slow and inefficient
- using the latest nightly build produces confusing results when there are multiple nightly build and repack processes in progress at a time
Assignee: nobody → varunj.1011
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