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dozen dummy windows in task switcher


(Core :: XUL, defect, P3)

Windows NT





(Reporter: waterson, Assigned: danm.moz)



There seem to be anywhere between three and a dozen "dummy windows" in the
Windows NT task switcher (ALT+TAB) when apprunner is running. Dan, I'm giving
this to you because of something that Hyatt muttered. Please pass along if
you're the wrong guy.

To reproduce:

1. Start apprunner
2. Press ALT+TAB. You'll see several apprunner-ish icons instead of the
(expected) one.
Looks like hiddenwindow.xul is showing up as a task (which is wrong) and (in
addition) it's being launched over and over and over.
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I see something similar on my NT box when running Exceed and displaying my Linux
apprunner to my NT system.  I get about 20 empty windows that do nothing but
take up space on my taskbar (can't open them, rt click doesn't do anything to
them), and the last one is the actual apprunner window.
Closed: 22 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
They were menupopup frames, which are popup windows, which the Windows OS seems to add
to its window list if they're owned by an invisible window.
I finally got around to testing this via exceed and the multiple exceed windows
have gone away, so it looks like this was the same problem.  Thanks.
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