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2 years ago
Patch forthcoming.

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2 years ago
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MozReview Request: Bug 1251411 - Support defining static build data; r?glandium

There are various static data structures that are shared between
multiple consumers. The build system, mach, etc. Currently, there is
a lot of duplication of this code because there isn't an obvious
location for this shared data.

This commit attempts to change that.

We introduce build/ as a standalone Python file that will hold
static data. We import this module in the ConfigEnvironment class and
expose the DATA module attribute (which is a dict) as .data in the
ConfigEnvironment. Consumers will be added in the near future.

We should arguably be putting this data in files or configure.
At this junction, I'm not ready to commit to either. I'm worried that
we'll end up stuffing lots of data in the root file. And
given the volatility of configure at the moment, I'd rather wait until is running before we consider that. We're talking about
static data, so porting it in the future shouldn't be too difficult.

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MozReview Request: Bug 1251411 - Support defining static build data; r?glandium

I cannot tell whether I want this landed or not without having a clear example of what you expect to end up in this file.
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a year ago
I'm not actively working on this. And I don't see a major reason to keep the bug open.
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