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Please document post-deployment verification steps for aws-provisioner, s3-copy-proxy and cloud-mirror

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(Reporter: selenamarie, Assigned: jhford)


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Here's what I had for ownership: 

 aws-provisioner - jhford
 s3-copy-proxy - jhford (possibly?)

I'm looking for a few sentences for each of these. Instructions can live in the README of each of the repos linked from the wiki.

Let's make it a section of the README called "Post-deployment verification".
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Provisioner notes added with https://github.com/taskcluster/aws-provisioner/commit/8ca35111751dbc951fc9c015674209a2c4bc6407

s3-copy-proxy deployment is not something that I'm too familiar with.

cloud-mirror has a complex deployment process and I'd like to hold off until it's in production before writing this.  Basically, it's a combination docker cloud and heroku build+deploy.
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