Display a warning on the Finish Review dialog if there is no associated LDAP account



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2 years ago
2 years ago


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2 years ago
Bug 1248996 documents a situation in which a person has L3 access but has never pushed to MozReview and hence does not have their LDAP account associated with their MozReview account.  This in turn leads to the commit not being marked as ready to land ("r+" right now, which is confusing, but the problem will persist even after it is made clearer when bug 1245577 is fixed).

Mozilla currently has no mechanism to associate BMO accounts with LDAP accounts, so we rely on MozReview to do it, and hence user action is unfortunately required.  However, we can make it clear to the reviewer that they need to perform this action by presenting a warning on the Finish Review dialog that there is no association and that they need to run the association command (see bug 1249149).  This should link to clear instructions.
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