<editor> is always top most element

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17 years ago
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(Reporter: tseng_mike, Assigned: cmanske)



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17 years ago
Continue from bug 34414 <editor> is always the top most element. So no element
can be layed/float on top of <editor>. An example usage is to emulate the
netscape 4 floating component bar.

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17 years ago
Quote from bug 34414 that might outline the problem

------- Additional Comment #10 From Charles Manske 2000-07-05 18:17 -------

This bug has mutated a bit: Here's the current problem:
The XUL contains this structure:
<editor/> // The main editor window
  <textfield/> // the HTML Source editor
The deck frame code "hides" each child by getting its view from the press shell
and setting the size to 0,0. But recent changes in the <editor> tag (probably
by hyatt?) are such that there is no view associated directly with the 
<editor> outermost frame. Thus the deck code fails.
Temporary kludge is to wrap <editor> in a <stack>, which has a view.
I will keep this bug open so hyatt can investigate and make the proper fix,
but I'll check in the temporary <stack> fix so the feature doesn't block other
nsbeta2+ work, such as the chrome enabling/disabling (38875).
Ever confirmed: true

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17 years ago
-->cmanske since he is doing some things with <editor> already
Assignee: kin → cmanske
QA Contact: sujay → editor
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