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Add code to BMO to push specific bug changes to a Cisco Spark chatroom


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Cisco Spark is a collaboration tool consisting of chat rooms, video
conferencing, etc. that currently runs in a plugin. They want support to
be built into Firefox using WebRTC so they are working together with
Mozilla to accomplish this.

Only looking for one-way communication right now from Bugzilla
to a chatroom in Spark.

These are the implementation points:

* Create a flag or keyword that select people can set on a new or
current bug that flags it as a Spark related bug.
* A Spark push connecter will make an API call to Spark for status
changes and new bug notifications only if the bug matches the criteria.
* Spark will have a special machine account for Bugzilla use only.
* We would store in the connector config, the room name or id, and a
Bearer authentication key for the machine account.
* We will send a small JSON data structure that will just contain text
of what has happened with a link back to the bug.
* No need for any field mapping.
* Spark users and Cisco developers will be able to join the room if they
like and see any bug notifications that are logged there.
* As of this moment, there is no need for communication from Spark to
Bugzilla for any purpose.
* Spark has a nice REST API for sending messages to specific rooms, list
of available rooms, etc.
* They would like this as soon as we can get to it.
* Anyone can create a Spark account, create a room, and then send
messages to it via the API so testing this locally while in development
should be easy.
* The official "Bugzilla" room is unlikely to change much so we only
need a couple of config options for the connector.


We need to finish up on a few critical Q1 projects before we can start. I should be able to look at this in the beginning of Q2 and on the surface it doesn't seem to be a huge amount of work but will no more once I get more into it.

Probably a push connector like TCL right?
(In reply to Dylan William Hardison [:dylan] from comment #1)
> Probably a push connector like TCL right?

That was my guess as well. I am working on a time estimate now for the work needed.

Assignee: nobody → dkl
Work Estimate:

From looking at the requirements, this seems to be almost a carbon copy of dylan's Aha connector we added not too long ago. Since we are very narrow in our scope on which bug changes will be sent, the connector will not be too complex. I would estimate two days of development and 1-2 days of testing/debugging and then peer review. As for deployment, it would just go out in the next weekly code push after the final review. No need for a tree closure window or anything like that.

This is a Q2 goal now.
Priority: -- → P1
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Dylan: Let me know when you get to the testing stage and I can give you the credentials.

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code looks good. I'll get with you this week for the creds to test.

::: extensions/Push/lib/Connector/
@@ +61,5 @@
> +        || return 0;
> +
> +    # Send if bug has cisco-spark keyword
> +    my $bug = Bugzilla::Bug->new({ id => $bug_data->{id}, cache => 1 });
> +    if (! one { $_->name eq 'cisco-spark' } @{ $bug->keyword_objects }) {

hmm, do you think if (none { }) perhaps reads better here?
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(In reply to Dylan William Hardison [:dylan] from comment #7)
 > hmm, do you think if (none { }) perhaps reads better here?

Not fussed either way. I will change it to 'none'.

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Need to take new bugs into account as well.
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