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The content of an opened window oscillates between original window content and the newly written content.


(Core :: Layout, defect, P3)

Windows 98





(Reporter: reboughner, Assigned: vidur)



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This example was run using the M8 build of Mozilla on a Windows 98 machine. The
sample file is a simple HTML that has just an UL list (3 items).  The Javascript
code traverses the document nodes, beginning at the BODY tag, printing the
output to a second opened window.  What happens is that in the second window,
the displayed page just oscillates.  From other work that I have done, I believe
that it oscillates between the original page display and the new output display.
This problem seems to be related to bug #11333.
Assignee: troy → vidur
Vidur, I see a window that is brought up, but it does not contain what it looks
like it should.

That makes it appear that the document.write() calls are not having the desired
I just tested this example (on 10/17/99) in the M10 build on a Windows 98
machine and it still doesn't work right.  There is now no longer any
oscillations going on but the document.write's don't seem to be working.  All
that shows up in the popup window is the directory structure of the directory
that contains the file.
In an attempt to get my bug list in order again, marking all the bugs I have
currently as ASSIGNED.
I've submitted a barebones example that demonstrates the problem.  I tried this
example in the M12 build for a Windows 98 machine and it is still not working
properly.  The small popup window no longer oscillates, but the document.write()
to it don't seem to work.  All that appears in the popup window is the directroy
structure of the directory that the file is in.  If I replace the ONLOAD
statement with the following: ONLOAD = "Dump('BODY',0,false)" then the writes
take place to the main browser window and everything appears fine.
The fact that the document.writes don't work is probably related to bug 17351.
Fixed when we started spawning a subevent loop when opening a new window.
Closed: 20 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Fixed in the May 22nd build.
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