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Each contributor should only be displayed in one role in the team dashboard for SUMO l10n



2 years ago
3 months ago


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I suppose, Leader role inherits Reviewer, etc. Despite I see lot of locales (including Czech) having all Leaders as Reviewers, and all Reviewers as Editors. In bigger number of contributors, the listing can be a little messy.

So I suggest to find different way of displaying and managing team roles, where each user will be shown in one team. Also I think it would be better to set a users role from select, instead of deleting, so no one would cut self or anyone off accidentally, e.g. by removing from Reviewer group and not adding elsewhere.

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2 years ago
Hi Michal,

I like the idea of having a user in only one l10n role. I changed the name of the issue to better reflect it, and I've added it to the backlog (https://docs.google.com/a/mozilla.com/spreadsheets/d/1BGULIZZxFv54EcVoBo1IGPzsjlOsuUB-0CnaU_oJjjQ/edit#gid=0)

Can you explain a bit more about the "select" part? You mean all the users who contribute to Czech (for example) should be displayed in a dropdown menu when adding new members - or some other way? Depending on your idea, it may be easier or harded to implement.

Maybe you can use XRG (https://goggles.mozilla.org/) to hack together a mock up of this?

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2 years ago
Summary: Better l10n team roles administration → Each contributor should only be displayed in one role in the team dashboard for SUMO l10n
I mean something like a grid of two columns (user, role), where:
1) I can add a user similar way as now, with default (lowest) role.
2) Change a role for added user using a drop-down menu (<select>), or remove it from the team.

That's IMO something very conservative. But having some more innovative approach is not a bad idea, I can definitely try to mock up something. Maybe like Pontoon has, which can be seen in bug 1223945 if you do not have access to any locale management there.
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2 years ago
That sounds like a cool (and potentially doable) idea. We could reuse the format of the community hub pages to list the users and have the roles in columns: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/community/top-contributors/l10n/new

At the moment, with our current developer shortage, this may have to wait a while.


3 months ago
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