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Block Add-on GUID {bbea93c6-64a3-4a5a-854a-9cc61c8d309e}


(Toolkit :: Blocklist Policy Requests, defect, P1)






(Reporter: TheOne, Assigned: jorgev)



The add-on

* hides itself from the add-on manager
* prevents itself from being disabled
* silently downloads and installs other add-ons based on remote data
* prevents connections to the blocklist url and fakes responses
* bypasses the malware domains blocker
* blocks and fakes responses from update service
* blocks and fakes responses for hotfix add-ons

...and more
If I understand bug 1251911 correctly, YouTube Unblocker is downloading this add-on, and then this add-on does all the things mentioned in comment #0. Is this correct, Andreas?
Assignee: jorge → awilliamson
Flags: needinfo?(awagner)
Flags: needinfo?(awagner)
Taking this one since it's fairly urgent.
Assignee: awilliamson → jorge
Closed: 6 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Just out of curiosity: is there any way to see a complete list of installed addons, and not the probably "faked" one in the addon manager?
No 100% reliable way. With this add-on, it would be visible in about:support, but as extensions can do anything, they can also hide from any place they would normally show up.
More GUIDs of this add-on that need to be blocked:

Flags: needinfo?(jorge)
if it's the same as in bug 1161259 the maliciously sideloaded addon might have a random ID/name
Based in forum threads and

There is strong indication that the following IDs are used by this add-on as well:

Product: → Toolkit
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