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Advanced search does not work for Name, Description, Build, case id text boxes filters



Mozilla QA
2 years ago
a year ago


(Reporter: Rajneesh Kaundal, Unassigned)


Version 4
Windows 7



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2 years ago
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Steps to Replicate:
1. Go to https://moztrap.allizom.org/manage/cases
2. Click on "Advance Filtering" button
3. Check the "Name" check box
4. Enter some text (any raw text)
5. Observe the Test cases below (OR page numbers)

Actual Result:
Nothing happens after applying a filter on Name, Description, Build, case id text boxes

Expected Result:
Text boxes filters should be working.

Comment 1

2 years ago
Rajneesh - Except for 'Build' (which I cannot find), I just attempted to reproduce this on Windows (Firefox 45.0.2) and Linux (nightly) and it is working for me.  It seems that somebody may have fixed this bug in the course of other activities.  Details of my tests follow.

Under Name:
- I searched for "ddaoeudaosetuh" and received 0 results
- I searched for "pink" and received 4 results

Under Description:
- I searched for "ddaoeudaosetuh" and received 0 results
- I searched for "manage" and received 7 results

Under ID:
- I searched for 232 and found the five different product versions for 232
- I searched for a very large number (billions/trillions) and got nothing

Comment 2

2 years ago
Rajneesh - I just looked at your screen shot again and I see one thing (which may be what you were trying to log):

Until you hit the 'Enter' key, the filter does not take effect.  After you type in text, when you hit 'Enter', then it puts the search term under the text entry with a little check box next to it.

Thus the bug would be that: 
1. this is confusing
2. when you click outside a box, it should probably do something, such as: 
   a. applying the currently typed text, or 
   b. giving some type of popup/hint that the search term is not applied yet
   c. deleting the unapplied text (I don't like this option, but it does give some user feedback)
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