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Add 'gn' to Release product-details


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We need to add 'gn' to the Firefox Release l10n builds on our website. Please check the dependent bugs of bug fx-l10n-gn on the native name of the language, and when we're having the actual builds on ftp.

PS: to be clear to the localization team, this bug is handled by Mozilla staff.
Blocks: fx-l10n-gn
Done in r150312
Closed: 7 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Reopening, the builds are not on ftp for all platforms yet which causes our tests to fail for this locale on Reverted in r150313, I will recommit when I see builds for the release channel for all platforms online.
Resolution: FIXED → ---
This is recommitted in r150334.
All builds except EME-free ones have Guarani, I don't think we expose the EME-free ones through our download pages though. Keeping the bug open until I have confirmation we don't have an automated test failing for EME-free builds in Guarani.
NI Sylvestre just in case there is a release automation bug. Sylvestre, I am not seeing EME-free builds for Guarani there:

Is it a bug that should be filed or is it a known issue?
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I commented out the Release build line for Guarani in r150337 because updates from product-details continuously and that means it activates 44 builds for Guarani now which breaks automatic QA tests.

That means that the patch should be pushed just when we release 45 tomorrow, that means that line 386 should be de-commented and the script export_json.php should be run preferably just before the release as we mention Guarani in the release notes.

Releases being done usually late in the European day, I can't guarantee that I will be online exactly when we release 45, what I can do is update the file for Guarani as late as I can tomorrow if nobody else can do it for the release, that would make 404 for Firefox 44 in Guarani during a few hours only until 45 is pushed live.
the change to product-details is pused in r150348, I didn't run the export_json script as it will be done by release drivers when they change the release channel version number, this way we should avoid 404 links for Firefox 44 in Guarani.
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Resolution: --- → FIXED
About the EME free repack, it is a bug and you should report it!
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(In reply to Sylvestre Ledru [:sylvestre] from comment #7)
> About the EME free repack, it is a bug and you should report it!

Filed bug 1254939 for this issue.
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