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The fix for bug 1233611 was not complete, and let to vcs-sync not being able to re-clone a repository.

vcs-sync clones a repository under 2 conditions:
 a) as part of it's automated recovery for corrupted repositories
 b) when a new repository was is added

(a) occurred about 2 weeks ago after the glibc reboots. it was fixed manually.
(b) occurred in bug 1250618
Created attachment 8725942 [details] [diff] [review]
Fix handling of hg_clone_option for normal path

if the hg_clone_option is not set, it must be eliminated from the argument list. otherwise, code down in subprocess tries to iterate on a NoneType.
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Comment 2

2 years ago
Comment on attachment 8725942 [details] [diff] [review]
Fix handling of hg_clone_option for normal path

>diff --git a/scripts/vcs-sync/ b/scripts/vcs-sync/
>--- a/scripts/vcs-sync/
>+++ b/scripts/vcs-sync/
>@@ -331,23 +331,28 @@ intree=1
>             """
>         hg = self._query_hg_exe()
>         dirs = self.query_abs_dirs()
>         repo_name = repo_config['repo_name']
>         source_dest = os.path.join(dirs['abs_source_dir'],
>                                    repo_name)
>         if clobber:
>             self.rmtree(source_dest)
>         if not os.path.exists(source_dest):
>+            # if hg_clone_option isn't specified for this repo, we need
>+            # to remove it from the argument list.  leave it in position
>+            # and remove (most common execution path) rather than doing
>+            # magic insert. (bug 1253068)
>+            args = [hg + ['clone', '--noupdate', repo_config['repo'],
>+                repo_config.get('hg_clone_option'), source_dest], ]

I think you need to remove the outside square brackets.  This is a list-inside-a-list, so when you iterate in the next line, your first item will be a list, and so you won't get rid of the None.

So this line should be

            args = hg + ['clone', '--noupdate', repo_config['repo'],
                repo_config.get('hg_clone_option'), source_dest]

>+            args = [x for x in args if x]

If args will ever need something like an empty string '' or an int 0 (I can't imagine a commandline arg will ever be an int, but I have seen commands require an empty string), then this should be

            args = [x for x in args if x is not None]

If you're not worried about those edge cases, it's fine as is.

>             if self.retry(
>                 self.run_command,
>-                args=(hg + ['clone', '--noupdate', repo_config['repo'],
>-                      repo_config.get('hg_clone_option'),
>-                      source_dest], ),
>+                args=[args],

We've discussed this in #releng.

Once args is a list instead of a list-inside-a-list, [args] is fine.

r- as is, r+ with the original args definition as a list instead of a list-inside-a-list, and it's up to you if you do the |if x is not None|
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Comment 3

2 years ago for examples.
bug 1253068 - can't clone normal repos; r=aki
Running without issue for over a day, so declaring fixed.

An annotated example of the issue:
Last Resolved: 2 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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