Notify user when loaner is ready (browser notification)



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Sometimes it takes a while to be ready for the developer to use and I know that there is a 5 minute window to connect before it gets killed.

Can we have the web page make a sound? or blink? or try to gain focus?
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Jonas, Andrew: I think you might have already spoken about this. Do you have any suggestions?
So there's already browser notifications, which might be "good enough" to RESOLVE FIXED this bug. It would be better to have push notifications and/or email notifications as well though. That way you can close your tab and re-open it when it's ready.. though that isn't what this bug is primarily about.
On which bug did we add browser notifications? I simply want to track it.

How do browser notifications work compared to push notifications?

Jonas: between push notification and email notification, which one makes more sense? How could each be implemented?

Let's close this bug and decide which of the two options we file and discuss if we tackle this quarter or not.
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3 years ago
Browser notifications was just added, it's simple popups like libnotify on linux, see:
Requires that the tab is open, unlike push notifications.

Email notifications would be implemented by taskcluster-notify, see bug 1088238.
(it would offer an API to do this)

I have no idea how push notifications would be implemented.. Probably in,
but I'm sketchy about the feasibility of keeping a lot of rabbitmq queues alive just to catch some
message that may or may not happen. So implementation-wise that idea is more sketchy.

Agree let's close this bug as it was originally for the page to gain focus or make a sound, which is pretty much what this does for us.
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Thanks for the thorough answer!

Assigning to you to give credit.
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Summary: Notify user when loaner is ready → Notify user when loaner is ready (browser notification)
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