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test_ext_bookmarks.html is permafailing on aurora after the 47 uplift


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47 Branch
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This test has been permafailing ever since 47 moved to aurora this morning:

We suspect one of the things bsilverberg landed in the last day or two prior to uplift (likely bug 1252250).

Bob, can you look into this and either backout or fix whatever's wrong on aurora (and likely fix it on trunk so we don't have this again on the next uplift cycle)?

This will likely block being able to reopen aurora until it's fixed.
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Severity: normal → major
Version: unspecified → 47 Branch
:( This looks like bug 1253827 again. Somehow the merge botched version of this patch made it to Aurora.
Sorry, but I'm not sure what needs to be done to fix this. Do we need to uplift the fixed merge that Kris pushed, or can we just back this out on Aurora?
I guess keep an eye on to see if the tests on the top push all come back green. I'm not sure why some of them are passing and some aren't.
We did two sets of builds on the merge to aurora - one set on the actual tip cset of the merge, 8849dd1a4a79, and one on a06ac8e3220a which is the tip of the fake separate push that results from bug 1174273. Unsurprisingly, those didn't go particularly well.
Closed: 5 years ago
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