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Clobberer on trunk trees doesn't appear to know about OSX and Android builders


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(firefox47 fixed, firefox48 fixed)

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I needed to clobber OSX builders earlier today to fix a build issue on inbound, so I went to

Somewhat-unrelatedly, buildapi was broken at the time so I couldn't do it until that was sorted out.

Once buildapi came back online, I went back to Clobberer to try to clobber Mac builders, so I then selected "mozilla-inbound" from the list of trees. But the only builders shown were linux and windows.

I then looked at mozilla-central and saw the same. Fx-team was also the same.

Mozilla-aurora still lists OSX builders, as does mozilla-beta.

Looking now, Android builders are also missing on trunk, but are present on non-trunk.

I went ahead and just landed a CLOBBER touch on inbound to deal with my current build issue, so I'm not immediately blocked on this, but it would be nice to know why they aren't being listed, and to get them listed again.
This is still a problem, any idea what's wrong or how to fix it?
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AKi, is this related to your mozharness patch for purge builds?
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Yay for aki.
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MozReview Request: bug 1254356 - readd self.clobberer() call. r?catlee

bug 1254356 - readd self.clobberer() call. r=catlee
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