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Better document toolchain versions in tooltool manifests


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Currently, we have tooltool manifests containing "clang_version": "rnnnnnn", which is pretty much useless to know what actual version of clang it is.
We also have other tooltool manifest containing "version": "gcc 4.9.3", inside the section for gcc.tar.xz, which is, I think, better than the kind-of-global location for the "clang_version" one. And then we have all the undocumented ones (android sdk, ndk...).
linux32/asan.manifest is removed because the file is not in tooltool

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MozReview Request: Bug 1254451 - Better document toolchain versions in tooltool manifests

Yes please.

I don't suppose we have any way of enforcing that folks provide the "version" key when updating packages?  Is that feasible?
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We could add a simple lint job that checks all the in-tree tooltool manifests or something like that.
I'm not too worried. The clang_version was properly updated. The problem was just that the info was not very useful, and not there for gcc. People changing gcc or clang will now see a different version string format to update and will update it accordingly. And for new tooltool manifests, we usually copy files around. So my bet is that it won't be a problem in practice.
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