44.0.2 Italian version, the "recently Bookmarked" tool is not erased/erasable




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Steps to reproduce:

Open Bookmark window, move on Recently Bookmarked, all recent bookmarked sites are there also if Privacy is settled for Anonymous navigation and the crhonology is deleted every time quititing from FF

Actual results:

Recently Bookmarked list in not erased/erasable

Expected results:

Quitting FF, all the history related infos should be delated
Group: firefox-core-security

Comment 1

3 years ago
Can you provide precise steps to reproduce?

Bookmarks are separate from history: if you bookmark something, either in regular mode or private browsing, that stays permanently, and will show up in the bookmarks manager etc.
Component: Untriaged → Bookmarks & History
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Right, by design bookmarks are not considered privacy sensitive.
If it would be "last visited" bookmarks, then I'd agree with you, but this is just "last added".
Last Resolved: 3 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
PS: you may be interested in bug 1248268.

Comment 4

3 years ago
Thank you all for the support
Then, it can be an added function: as it is possible to cancel the "last visited" it should be possible also to erase the "last added"
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(In reply to fulvio.ferretti2 from comment #4)
> Then, it can be an added function: as it is possible to cancel the "last
> visited" it should be possible also to erase the "last added"

well, no. As I said it's not something we consider privacy-relevant, plus clearing that would just mean we'd pick 5 random bookmarks... Once bug 1248268 is addressed, you should have a way to hide the recently added entries.

Comment 6

3 years ago
Thanks to Marco, I went through the 3d linked to bug 1248268 and I saw that someone else already commented the 'privacy-relevant' concerns and the more than correct suggestions to enable or disable this function that is also space consuming, more than unuseful and "privacyless".
It has to do with the other bug I highlighted today, the missing 'master password to enter FF', again it has something to do with the consideration of the users' privacy... and the fact that maybe not every FF user is mastering addons and codes fixing, if the past versions did not ask to be skilled on that, maybe it was a reason of their success.
Note, I personally think there is a big difference between a real privacy and a fake one.
Hiding a bookmark in an exotic folder is not privacy, it can easily be found by anyone and the awesomebar doesn't really care where the bookmark is.
Thus, I don't think hiding recent bookmarks adds any privacy value, it will just take 2 more seconds to find the same data from the awesomebar, the library or such.
The major reason for bug 1248268 is, imo, reducing mouse distance to bookmarks.

If one really needs private bookmarks, he can use something that provides him the real thing, for example this add-on https://addons.mozilla.org/it/firefox/addon/hush-private-bookmarking/ (but I suppose other add-ons exist).
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