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Install Visual Studio 2015 Debug CRT on testers


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I believe we need to install the Visual Studio 2015 Redistributable on Windows testers in order to support running binaries produced with Visual Studio 2015.

I'm not sure if we need the full redistributable everywhere or if we only need the debug CRT. We should likely do what we do for Visual Studio 2013. Existing 2013 files would be in a Microsoft.VC120.* directory and have filenames with "120" in them. e.g. vcruntime120.dll.
Ted has found which is likely what we're talking about.

So I think I should have asked for the debug crt instead of the full visual studio redistributable.
I guess we want the files from the following locations installed:


I can provide an archive of these files if you need them. I just can't do it in public since that violates redistribution terms of Microsoft. and seem related. However, those are for very old debug CRTs. Still looking for references to VC120 (Visual Studio 2013).
Summary: Install Visual Studio 2015 Redistributable on testers → Install Visual Studio 2015 Debug CRT on testers
According to glandium in IRC, we no longer using the debug crt. So perhaps this is WONTFIX?

glandium: can you enlighten us on the history here?
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The debug crt is used when building with -MDd/-MTd . We only build with those flags if MOZ_NO_DEBUG_RTL is *not* set, and we do set it in when building with MOZ_MEMORY, and MOZ_MEMORY is always set on Windows MSVC builds since bug 1014976.
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Sorry for the wild goose chase, I either never knew that or completely forgot about it.
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