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wasm: implement Unreachable


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Unreachable is pretty simple: we just generate a jump to an Unreachable trap stub which calls into the function generating the JSError.
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::: js/src/js.msg
@@ +348,5 @@
>  MSG_DEF(JSMSG_WASM_TEXT_FAIL,          1, JSEXN_SYNTAXERR, "wasm text error: {0}")
>  MSG_DEF(JSMSG_WASM_BAD_IND_CALL,       0, JSEXN_ERR,     "wasm indirect call signature mismatch")
>  MSG_DEF(JSMSG_WASM_BAD_BUF_ARG,        0, JSEXN_TYPEERR, "first argument must be a typed array")
>  MSG_DEF(JSMSG_WASM_BAD_IMPORT_ARG,     0, JSEXN_TYPEERR, "second argument, if present, must be an object")
> +MSG_DEF(JSMSG_WASM_UNREACHABLE,        0, JSEXN_ERR,     "hit unreachable trap")

Optional bikeshed: "reached unreachable trap"?
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Closed: 4 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla48 and ml-proto both seem to name unreachable "unreachable", not "trap".  Is there a reason it's "trap"?
(In reply to Luke Wagner [:luke] from comment #4)
> and ml-proto both seem to name unreachable "unreachable",
> not "trap".  Is there a reason it's "trap"?

It's a mix of personal taste and liberty we've taken with the (still unofficial, unless I missed some announcement) text format:
- the name is shorter
- trap is both a verb and a noun; we don't seem to have many adjectives in the text format. Thinking about it as a verb makes it clearer that it has an effect (and provokes a side-effect), in my opinion.
- it's different from what it's in, the same way we renamed "if_else" to just "if" (the markdown files still refers to "if_else").

Of course, it's just a name in the *temporary* text format, so it sounds fine to change it if you want to.
It's unofficial, but we try to stick to the format parsed by ml-proto so we sexpr-wasm-prototype can all share .wast files.  The 'if'/'if_else' thing is because if_else is going away soon in the spec ('if' just has an optional 'else' child) so this is ml-proto just being a bit ahead of the game.  The patch which switches to postorder will make the change for us.
Would be nice to fix this to comply with the spec, this breaks building and running e.g. the skinning benchmark (binaryen emits according to the spec, then sm fails to parse it).
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