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Steps to reproduce:

Created a cookie with an expiry value as an integer, then got the list of cookies
I used unix epoch time as an integer per:
Debug -

Actual results:

cookie returned had an expiration of null

Expected results:

cookie returned should have had the expiration set
I'm still seeing this on FF 50

-> POST session/71dfa503-63b8-f54b-b632-12c67a85d361/cookie
   >>> | {"cookie":{"name":"foo","value":"bar","path":"/","secure":false,"expiry":2177452800}}
<- {}

-> GET session/71dfa503-63b8-f54b-b632-12c67a85d361/cookie 
<- {"value":[{"name":"foo","value":"bar","path":"/","domain":"localhost","expiry":null,"secure":false,"httpOnly":false}]}
Per the spec expiry should be returned with:
"The value if the entry exists, otherwise a Unix timestamp 20 years into the future from now."

As it stands, I never get an expiry returned, regardless of whether or not it is passed in.

Firefox 53.0a1 (2017-01-08) (64-bit)
Geckodriver 0.13.0
No expiry returned issue still present in Firefox 54 & Geckodriver 0.14.0
Version: 45 Branch → 54 Branch
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