Open Bug 1256379 Opened 7 years ago Updated 4 years ago

Automatic bug number selection chose the wrong bug from an inbound range with a backout


(Testing :: mozregression, defect)

Version 3
Not set


(Not tracked)


(Reporter: mstange, Unassigned)



> 89:50.00 INFO: Narrowed inbound regression window from [c23714f8, 5f285352] (3 revisions) to [7448a727, 5f285352] (2 revisions) (~1 steps left)
> 89:50.00 INFO: Oh noes, no (more) inbound revisions :(
> 89:50.00 INFO: Last good revision: 7448a7275cd7648a609266b0df3385edc5328c2c
> 89:50.00 INFO: First bad revision: 5f2853528bbf4859ca122e944243cf596144283d
> 89:50.00 INFO: Pushlog:
> 89:51.07 INFO: Looks like the following bug has the changes which introduced the regression:
> contains two bugs that landed, but one of them got backed out again, and mozregression picked the one that got backed out again instead of the one that stuck.
Duplicate of this bug: 1254812
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