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In TB 38, when I send an e-mail and then go to the "Sent" folder and forward it again, I get the same signature twice and two blank lines below the bottom signature.

I have tested it in TB 45 beta 2, and one of the signatures disappears (good) but I still get a blank line below the bottom signature (I know it is better one than the usual two lines, but it could be fixed).

See the screenshot attachment.


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3 years ago
Not sure what you're doing.

If you forward, whether or not you get a signature depends on the account setting:
Include signature in forwards.

If you have that chosen, and first write an e-mail and then forward it from the "Sent" folder, you get two signatures, in TB 38 and TB 47 (Earlybird). TB 45 beta 2 is irrelevant since the final version will be beta 3.

I don't know how you produce the blank line after the original signature. I don't see any additional extra lines.

Please looks at your options again and try with TB 47:

You'd also have to post the exact signature you're using.

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3 years ago
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Find attached the signature for you to test.


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3 years ago
Sorry, you need to show the *definition* of your signature, that is, the HTML you're using. You need to copy it from the account settings.

As I said, you claim to only get one signature when you send a message, then forward it. So you have signatures switched off for forwards? Show me you're configuration:

Options > Account Settings, Main *and* Composition.

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3 years ago
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Jörg K!

I was bathing and missed you on IRC.

Here is a screenshot of the settings.

To reproduce the blank line below the signature do this:
1) Use the signature PNG in your message;
2) Send an e-mail to me or someone else using the signature;
3) Go to the "Sent" folder and select "Forward" in the message;
4) Voilá: a blank line at the bottom.

Please tell me if this helps.


Kind regards from the "cola demon".

Comment 5

3 years ago
Strange, I was looking at the 3rd window screenshot and all checkboxes are unticked, however pressing ENTER adds a paragraph.

I installed TB 45 beta 2 over TB 38.7 beta and I am not sure if this makes the settings blank.

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3 years ago
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No blank line to be seen.

Using the steps from comment #4 and attaching the image as signature I don't see a blank line when forwarding.

I repeat: I am using TB 47 (Earlybird) which has the functionality the final release of TB 45 will have. DO NOT USE TB 45 beta 2 for this test.

Comment 7

3 years ago
Jörg K!

You are right!

TB 47 alpha 2 fixes the bug... I have just tested it!

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