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[DOGFOOD] Win32 Installers


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Windows NT


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Depends on: 12567
I'm delivering something that i thought was the mozilla-only xpinstall exe. I
seem to be mistaken.

Sean, do you have time to show me, or write in this bug, how to produce a
self-extracting installer exe?
OS: Mac System 8.5 → Windows NT
Summary: Win32 Installers → [DOGFOOD] Win32 Installers
The mozilla installer build procedure is basically the same as build the
commercial installer.  There are perl (.pl) files in the mozilla tree:
directory that function the same as in commercial tree:

The file to run is in the mozilla tree.  It works exactly the same as
the one in the commercial tree, with the exception that it builds a big
self-extracting installer.

The parameters to this script is still the same as the commercial script.
However, the difference is in the staging areas.

The commercial installer build uses a network box as its staging area.  The
mozilla installer does not have one, so one way to create a staging area might
be to run the packager script to deliver the mozilla build to a local directory.
An example local staging path:

where core and mail components would look like:

and the parameters to might look like:
    perl %MOZ_DIST%\install\staging

The above example will create the final big self-extracting .exe file
(nsinstall.exe) in %MOZ_DIST%\install.

As a test case for the mozilla installer, you can run using the
current commercial staging path (which I won't mention here due to this being a
public forum) instead of a local one.  The bits will be commercial, but the
installer will be mozilla.  Once the mozilla installer is building and running,
a local mozilla staging area should be created and used.

The mozilla installer should be part of the daily mozilla builds like the
commercial installer.  There should be no reason why this can't happen.  If
we're to deliver mozilla installers to the public as part of the milestone
builds, this *needs* to happen as soon as possible.

ps. changed the OS of this bug from Mac to Windows NT, added and to the CC: list, and updated
Summary to contain [DOGFOOD] for dogfood consideration.  I'm not sure if this is
dogfood, but it doesn't hurt for them to take a look.
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For engineers, mozilla installers are not needed for dogfood.  Putting on pdt-.
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this is done.
Product: Browser → Seamonkey
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