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Add some pyconfigure tests for the set of things loaded by the top-level moz.configure


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We have pyconfigure tests in python/mozbuild/mozbuild/test/configure/, which is great, but the way things are implemented now a lot of the functions we're actually using are defined as templates in various included files, like utils.configure and checks.configure. It would be great if we had some tests that loaded the top-level configure so we could write tests for the behavior of these template functions.

My primary motivation here is that I was writing a patch that used `check_prog`, but I wrote:
yasm = check_prog('YASM', ('yasm'), allow_missing=True)

This didn't fail (because of allow_missing=True) but it didn't do what I expected because `('yasm') == 'yasm'`, so check_prog helpfully checked for ['y', 'a', 's', 'm'] in $PATH.

I have a patch to fix that in check_prog, but I'd also like to write tests for it.
bug 1257542 has the patch to fix that issue with check_prog.
Blocks: pyconfigure-infra
No longer blocks: pyconfigure
Depends on: 1256571
Note that check_prog is now tested since bug 1257516, but I'm thinking we can do more after bug 1256571.
Product: Core → Firefox Build System
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