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[meta-html] Implement tests for Reps


(DevTools :: Shared Components, enhancement)

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(Keywords: meta, Whiteboard: [btpp-backlog] [meta-html])

We should have tests for React components rendering JS/DOM data types (aka Reps).


Summary: Implements tests for Reps → Implement tests for Reps
Component: Developer Tools: Framework → Developer Tools: Shared Components
Priority: -- → P3
Whiteboard: [btpp-backlog]
I added a patch in Bug 1247319 Comment 7 that has the beginnings of a Mocha test for the ObjectBox rep.
I'm removing the dependency on the Mocha bug because we've decided to use XPCShell and mochitests for the most part. I've been doing a lot of those for web console so I can help with this.
No longer depends on: 1247319
Once DOM Panel lands, this will be the list of reps. I think we should break each one out as a bug and turn this into a meta.

Depends on: 1264699
Depends on: 1264701
Depends on: 1264700
Depends on: 1264689
Depends on: 1264688
Depends on: 1264679
Depends on: 1264683
Depends on: 1264684
Depends on: 1264685
Depends on: 1264695
Depends on: 1264687
Depends on: 1264691
Depends on: 1264693
Depends on: 1264692
Depends on: 1264678
Depends on: 1264690
Depends on: 1264682
Depends on: 1264677
Depends on: 1264696
Depends on: 1264686
Depends on: 1264702
Depends on: 1264681, 1264676
Depends on: 1264698
Keywords: meta
Summary: Implement tests for Reps → [meta] Implement tests for Reps
Severity: normal → enhancement
Flags: qe-verify-
Priority: P3 → --
Whiteboard: [btpp-backlog] → [btpp-backlog] [meta-html] [devtools-html]
Summary: [meta] Implement tests for Reps → [meta-html] Implement tests for Reps
Depends on: 1276206
Depends on: 1276210
Whiteboard: [btpp-backlog] [meta-html] [devtools-html] → [btpp-backlog] [meta-html]
No longer depends on: 1264678
Blocks: 1284839
Blocks: 1284842
No longer depends on: 1276210
No longer depends on: 1276206
Closed: 8 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Product: Firefox → DevTools
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