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[meta] Improve WebGL success rates


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Hey thanks Jeff for the link!

What can we understand from this?
  - this is definitely a Windows specific problem, and not a fringe OS issue: 99.0% of the failures are on Windows, 1.0% on other
  - this is definitely a popular GPU vendor problem (Intel+AMD+nVidia) and not a fringe vendor issue: 85.5% of the failures are explained by Intel+AMD+nVidia.
  - the hypothesis/assumption that failures would be old Windows (XP) specific doesn't seem to hold ground, Win 7 SP1 seems to give most failures (52.7%), followed by XP (15.8%) and Win 7 (12.5%)
  - Intel GPUs have the majority of failures (56.5%), but the other vendors, AMD and nVidia, have a non-negligible number of failures as well (17.6% and 11.5% respectively)

So the data points to a Windows + Intel/AMD/nVidia issue, but looking at the "by Device Chipset" and "by Device Driver" diagrams, the data becomes muddy:
  - looking at by chipset, 52.7% of failures are due to Intel integrated, scattered across both old and new Intel chips, so not explained by "old Intel GPU" hypothesis since also new Intel GPUs are well represented. Why would we have failures relatively across all Intel integrated GPUs?
  - looking at by chipset, almost half of the failures (43.8%) are due to "other" or "unrecognized" suggesting missing data. What could these be?
  - looking at by driver, 51.6% are by "other" or "unknown". What could these be?
  - looking at by driver, 32.9% are due to various Intel drivers. Are these items caused by blacklisting ?
  - looking at by driver, AMD GPU driver 9.6 or older on any Windows OS: 8.9% due to ?
  - looking at by driver, NVIDIA GPU driver 182.65 or older on Windows 7 or older: 5.6% due to ?

One thing I tried to understand from the data is to break down the users we lose at!aggregates=bucket-0!bucket-1!bucket-2&cumulative=0&end_date=2016-01-18&keys=!__none__!__none__&max_channel_version=aurora%2F47&measure=CANVAS_WEBGL_SUCCESS&min_channel_version=aurora%2F47&product=Firefox&sanitize=0&sort_keys=submissions&start_date=2015-12-17&trim=1&use_submission_date=1 , how many of these are due to a result of blocklisting by anything in, and how many of these are due to something else (no driver at all, no new enough D3D/GL API version available)? Do we have that data?
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FWIW, the most important thing to do here is probably to get WARP working in as many places as possible. That should allow us to give pretty much everyone on Windows 7+ a working WebGL albeit software.
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