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Access to gfxWindowsPlatform devices is not thread-safe


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ID3D11Device is threadsafe, but RefPtr is not. Specifically it's not atomic with respect to mutations on other threads. When we mutate mD3D11Device on the main thread, and read it in the compositor, we are potentially capturing a pointer that will be Released on the main thread before we can AddRef it on the compositor.

The chances of this causing problems is very low since the device should have enough references elsewhere. But it's better to have the chance be zero instead of non-zero.
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Note: I removed the gfxCriticalErrors for mismatched devices in the compositor. These are inherently racy because TDRs are handled on the main thread, so they make testing device resets very difficult.

It seems fine to change them into returns or some non-critical error though, so I can add them back if that's desired.
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::: gfx/thebes/gfxWindowsPlatform.h
@@ +348,5 @@
>      RefPtr<IDWriteFactory> mDWriteFactory;
>      RefPtr<IDWriteRenderingParams> mRenderingParams[TEXT_RENDERING_COUNT];
>      DWRITE_MEASURING_MODE mMeasuringMode;
> +    mozilla::Monitor mDeviceMonitor;

As far as I can tell there's no re-entry and a mutex could suffice, correct?
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drive-by.. GetDevice(&device) is kind of gross, can we have it return an already_AddRefed<> (or whatever the right pattern is currently)?
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sure, sounds reasonable (second patch since this already landed)
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