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[meta] Location-aware awesomebar prototype




Firefox for Android
2 years ago
2 years ago


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User Story

As a user, I want Firefox to use my “location” to improve my searching experience so I don’t have to worry about irrelevant information.


2 years ago
The second of two ideas related to location.

 - Surface live local data (start with weather) in our search suggestion UI
 - Location-based suggestions when a user is searching for “sushi”
 -- Indicate location awareness
 - Weight frecency results with “time of day” as well


2 years ago
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Comment 1

2 years ago
For our first prototype, we can reserve the 1 or 2 frecency results at the top to show (and visually denote) suggestions based on users location

Comment 2

2 years ago
Not working on this for the time being, focusing on Bug 1258508 for a first stab at location-based ideas.
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