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Mousewheel on menulist scrolls content area


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See bug 1258355 for steps, but use the mousewheel while hovering over the popup area. This affects all platforms.

The issue is that the code that determines the location of the mousewheel event checks up the frame hierarchy looking for a scrollable frame. It should break out when a menupopup frame is encountered.

There seems to be several places that look to handle mousewheel events (esm, presshell, nsLayoutUtils::GetNearestScrollableFrame) so I'm not sure which is correct? masayuki, where I would I look for this?
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Without looking too much this, I think EventStateManager::ComputeScrollTarget might be a good place to fix this.
Yeah, probably, we should stop climbing up the frame tree when we meet nsMenuPopupFrame.
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# this might be useful for hacking event in Mozilla Japan. If nobody won't fix this bug at the event, I'll take this.
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EventStateManager::ComputeScrollTarget() should stop looking for scrollable frame if it meets nsMenuPopupFrame because the user must not want to scroll outside the popup.

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Attachment #8735055 - Flags: review?(masayuki)
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MozReview Request: Bug 1258820 - making root scrollable element not scroll if mouse wheel is used on xul dropdown r?masayuki

Thank you very much, Furukawa-san, I'll land this patch after I check the patch doesn't have any trouble on tryserver.
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Duplicate of this bug: 1226915
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