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when two alerts have the same target revision but different revision ranges we have different alerts and it is confusing


(Tree Management :: Perfherder, defect, P5)



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(Reporter: jmaher, Unassigned)


13:51 < jmaher> wlach: I have alerts from the same revision, but different alert ids
13:52 < jmaher>
13:52 < jmaher>
13:52 < wlach> jmaher: the range is different
13:53 < wlach> 
13:53 < wlach> I should really show that in the UI tho
13:53 < jmaher> yeah, that confused me
13:53 < wlach> (I think we used to, I can't remember why I changed it)
Let's change the UI to show the range (or at least the number of commits), instead of just the topmost push revision.
Priority: -- → P5
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