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Remove -wd4312 from js/src


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Bug 1124033 added a bunch of -wd4312 to CXXFLAGS in files under js/src in order to get the tree building with warnings as errors in VS2015. This bug tracks fixing the underlying warnings and removing -wd4312 from js/src.

Similar work was done in bug 1257408. Unfortunately, I think that bug only caught the warnings in 32-bit builds. So I /think/ all C4312 warnings at this time are in 64-bit builds. Of course, we may introduce new C4312 warnings while those warnings are being hidden.

One of the warnings is:

js\src\jit/x86-shared/Assembler-x86-shared.h(162): warning C4312: 'reinterpret_cast': conversion from 'const int32_t' to 'void *' of greater size
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> One of the warnings is:

Do you happen to have a try push or something that shows all warnings? I'd like to make sure we get all of them this time.
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No I don't. But if you push latest mozilla-central to Try with the "-wd4312" bits removed from js/src, you'll be building with VS2015 on Try. The build will abort after a single error, so you may not catch them all on one push. It is arguably easier to build with VS2015 locally than to play whack-a-mole with Try.
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